Scanning Services

For anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of digital documents but does not have the time or resources to support a content management system, we offer document scanning services. We can scan and index your documents for easy retrieval. The index is customized to your documents and is included on each disc.

The process includes document preparation (removal of staples and paper clips), scanning, indexing, quality control, and disc production. There is no limit to the number of discs that can be produced so everyone that requires the files can have a copy and one can be stored off-site for disaster recovery purposes.

With the help of the client we apply technology to automate the index process. If the index data exists in another system we can import it rather than re-key the data into the index fields. We use barcodes for indexing and document separation when ever possible because they are extremely accurate and efficient. The more efficient we can make our process, the less costly to our client.

ImageServ offers:

  • electronic content management software
  • scanning services
  • back-file conversion
  • CD/DVD publication
  • consulting services

ImageServ offers organizations, of any size, a much easier and less expensive content management solution that can be implemented on premise or cloud-based to minimize cost and risk. ImageServ’s content management software, EMC ApplicationXtender, is a robust system designed to help organizations automate and manage information and business processes in an efficient and secure manner.